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Flashpacking Hiker on the Inca Trail

Hi, welcome to my site! I'm Freya, the Flashpacking Hiker. I love traveling, hiking, beautiful landscapes but ... also a comfortable hotel. On this site you will find descriptions of my favorite hiking trails, my favorite hotels and my favorite places to explore. Here you can read more About Me

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Arches National Park Photo Gallery

I'm just an amateur photographer and have no intentions to become a professional. All photos used on this site are taken by myself or are photos of me. Should I use any other photo, it will be properly contributed to the photographer. More photos can be found in my Photo Gallery

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Flashpacker Hiker Travel Blog

I just love Blogging, so of course I added a Blog to my site to describe my journeys, the hotels I stayed in, the places I explored and much more. Make sure to check it out regularly. To make your life easier here's the link to my Travel Blog or get free updates in your mailbox by subscribing


Inca Trail Hiking

I really love hiking. It gives you: the chance to unwind while being surrounded by stunning landscapes, a feeling of accomplishment when you reach that summit, amazement when you see wildlife on the trail ... and it's healthy as well. So what are you waiting for ... Hike


Indulge on a beautiful swimming poolational Park Photo Gallery

There's nothing better than to return to a nice hotel or lodge after a day rewarding but exhausting hiking. I just love to be able to take a shower, go for a swim or just relax around the pool, enjoy a delicious dinner and have a great night sleep in a comfortable bed ... Indulge 


Explore Colosseum Rome

Although hiking is one of my favorite things to do while traveling, I love all kind of travel. A nice city trip, visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exploring an amazing National Park, a great road trip, winter adventures, a few days relaxing on a beautiful beach ... Explore



17th February

Upcoming Trails:

March 2014     :      Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg

April 2014        :      Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal



10th February 

I just created my new site Flashpacking Hiker, there's still a lot of work to be done ... but it's a start. I will focus mainly on Hiking Trails, Flashpacking accommodation, beautiful places to explore ...